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About Us

The Conservatory facilitates our children’s desire to use music as a vehicle to prepare their mind for various challenges. The Conservatory also helps to develop our children’s ability in school subjects not directly related to music. We want to introduce children, young adults, and senior citizens to the fine arts to increase their awareness to their “inner self” and the confidence in oneself, even if their focus is not to become a music educator or musician.   


Research proves that children, who are nurtured in music and all aspects of the arts, gain a larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills. than their peers who do not participate in music lessons. Studying music primes the brain to comprehend speech in a noisy background deeper appreciation for the fine arts. Children in the Detroit and surrounding Metropolitan area are not being given this opportunity according to the latest statistics concerning the arts programs in the State of Michigan. The goal of the Brush Park Conservatory is to prepare students, to attend whatever Fine Arts High School they choose with confidence in their ability to compete locally, nationally and internationally. We are committed to helping them make those dreams come true through a discipline of high quality training and complete accessibility to all the programs the Conservatory offers. Your organizational support will assist in the development of great minds in the future of all children. 

Our mission is to inspire and foster a love for the creative arts by providing high quality activities with a commitment to excellence and accessibility.


Our method is to enrich the educational and cultural opportunities in the arts to children of all ages throughout the Detroit metropolitan area, with special emphasis on those from under-privileged households.

Ultimately, we strive to be a cultural mirror of the region we serve, offering diverse programs reflective of our ever-changing society.


The International Institute of Metro Detroit, Our Home

In 2019 the IIMD completed its hundredth year of providing immigrant services and community education in 2019, and we couldn't be more proud to be part of it. It's a community providing services to immigrant and foreign-born residents of the Metro Detroit area and their families. You can find language instruction, legal services, and citizenship classes, along with a wide range of cultural experiences -- art collections, the international cafe, and various cultural education programs. 


Fellow instructor Joan and I were happy and humbled to see the unveiling of the historical marker for the building, and to share time celebrating with the amazing people in and around the Institute who made it all possible.


I played piano bar music for the banquet, and though playing music in the Hall of Nations always feels like you're on the "world stage," this day at the IIMD further crystalized that experience, and reminded me how important it is to connect with people across cultures as an artist, especially in a world of constant change and mounting urgency for acceptance and inclusion. 

Congratulations to the IIMD for 100 years of service, and we look forward to deepening our partnership together.


Amy Saari, Instructor

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